Thursday, November 14, 2019

Trial Date Set for Assault on Seniors on Bikes Near Santa Fe

Just saw this on the Seniors on Bikes web page. "I was called today by the district court regarding the attack on the SOB’s 20 months ago where 3 of us were injured.  The final status hearing was held yesterday and no move to again postpone the process was accepted, so now, we proceed to trial. ..."

For the full post, go to the SOB site. I don't want to poach their content.

I think this story in the New Mexican is about the case being discussed but if anyone knows better, send me a comment and a link.

Be careful out there.

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Only Two Sure Things...

 ‘Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes,” from Christopher Bullock, The Cobler of Preston (1716).

Going for an eye exam today, I got a chuckle out of the two businesses sitting next to each other near my eye doc and thought of that famous quote. Getting through the eye exam, the good news is that my eyes still work. Getting home from the exam and answering the phone was not quite so lovely an experience.

A friend of mine who recently retired to enjoy those golden years unencumbered by the nine to five drudgery found said friend in a foreign hospital with a serious life threatening illness. I guess the bottom line is, enjoy it while you have it and put some of the bullshit aside. In other words, go ride yer bikes.Tomorrow it may rain, metaphorically or literally.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Last Summer ride, and a Tour de Gated Communities

Near the top of Gonzales Rd,
 looking at the aspen changing

Today was the last day of summer and was a Sunday, so clearly a reason for a bike ride in the lovely last day of summer weather. I had wanted to scope out another loop so that's what I did. Whether to call it Tour de Gated Communities or Tour de Undertaxed and Over-privileged neighborhoods is up to one's prevailing sarcasm, but a lot of the ride was over in Las Campanas, the upscale and exclusive community west of the City Indifferent. I did pass quite a few gated communities. The rolling ride ended up breaking my 20 mile estimate, coming in at a 23.5 mile loop but that's a fine point.

From Casa Solana I headed west on Camino de las Crucitas, veered to the right onto Buckman Rd and then another veer right onto Camino de las Montoyas. Crossing NM 599 on Montoyas one goes north to the t-intersection and then turns left onto Tano Road. Take Tano to the pavement end and turn left onto Tano West. Take Tano W down the fast descent and brake to turn L onto Sundance Dr. Take Sundance to the end and do a quick left on Palantine and quick R. onto Luvia de Oro. Luvia merges into Fin de Sendero, which takes you due south to Camino La Tierra. Turn right and go about a mile and a half. At this point, Camino la Tierra veers left and Las Campanas Dr. veers right. Stay to the right. The road loops to the left and through an underpass and heads southwest. Its a mild downhill and very pretty with great vistas. After about four miles, turn left onto Caja del Rio road, which heads south and then ends at a T at NM 599 after about four miles. Take a left at the T and head north, enjoying about a mile of horrible chipseal with a narrow shoulder to the double roundabouts at South Meadow. From there you can either take the frontage road or cross the highway onto W. Alameda to head north back to Santa Fe. I took Alameda and enjoyed more chipseal. Another four miles on W. Alameda heading NE gets you back to Casa Solana.

To get 30 miles I continued on W. Alameda through the city center and climbed Gonzales Road, crossed Hyde Park, looped around Paseo del Sur to Vallecita and back to Bishops Lodge, turned left, made the right onto Paseo del Peralta, and back home. Nice ride. A right onto Bishops Lodge with a northern loop to Tesuque and back down on Old Taos Hwy would get you about forty miles.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Broken Roads and "Mountain Bikes"

I wanted to do a little experiment and see if a Shimano 9 spd XT derailleur matched to a spare 11-32 casette would synch with an old set of Dura Ace 9 Spd STI in order to get me up Hyde Park Road without my eyes bulging out of their sockets. Seems to work really well. Now, I have to see if it works with my 12-27 and 12-28 cassettes. Also want to ditch the 11 cog for a 12. I don't go that fast.

STI Dura Ace Shifters

Compact crank, XT Derailleur and 11-32 cassette.

The whole rig at 13 Mile Rock (a granite boulder 13 miles from the house near the top)
Don't ever take climbing for granite...
Meanwhile, the road needs some work since the monsoon rains washed out a lot of the mountain next to the road and even washed out the road edges. I dropped my front wheel into a collapsed edge a couple weeks ago (yeah, I know, "watch where you are going, dummy") and wrenched my back, which was part of the reason  and to drop the gear ratios. But collapsed road edges force riders farther into the lane and are a hazard for everybody. I emailed the District 5 DoT engineer but no response. Be careful up there and call the Dist. 5 engineer. After all, we got all that surplus state money from the Permian Basin production, right?

That's how deep some of the drops are up there. Yes, that is the quick release at road level.

More roadside hazard

I was hoping this was a sign that the state was fixing the roads but a park ranger said it was work they were doing on their driveways

Sunday, July 7, 2019

And Saturday's Attempt at the Darwin Award Goes To...

...the two cyclists who shot down Calle Nopal on Saturday morning and ran their stop sign at West Alameda at high speed, just as I had stopped at the 3 way stop while heading SW on West Alameda. If I had gotten there a couple seconds sooner I probably would have been in the middle of the intersection as they bravely ran the stop or conversely, tried to avoid an endo while doing an emergency stop. Likely results include broken carbon frames as well as broken body parts. Don't ride stupid.

Cyclists wonder why the general public sometimes takes a dim view of Mr. and Mrs. Spandex B. Lycra. The kind of cyclist who, like certain motorists, thinks laws were written for all those other people. Honest mistakes are worth a gentle ribbing but deliberate malfeasance is not good. As a Brit once quipped to me as I confusedly entered my first British roundabout going in the American direction, "we'll get you next time, Yank", and undoubtedly, when the inevitable crash occurs after blatant disregard to safety, the cycling advocacy movement will say the roads are "too dangerous". So it goes.

Free parking at Iconik.
I took a grind up Hyde Park Road on Friday in honor of my impending semi-retirement goal of getting my ass in shape. Almost did my own Darwin Award entry as following a high speed descent down Hyde Park and through Vallecita, I popped my front inner tube just as I got to the intersection of Bishop Lodge Rd. and Paseo de Peralta. It was a spoke hole pinch as the rim strip had moved from its center position. Don't leave a ratty and misaligned rim strip on a front wheel for sixteen years, I guess.

Saturday I took a short and casual ride to run some errands in town. That included a stop at  Iconik to grab a bag of beans and nurse the obligatory free cuppa Joe. And, of course, to enjoy a lovely afternoon. Thankfully, Iconik has bike racks out front of its Lena St. location and this time I remembered my cable lock. Riding home, I was happy to see the city had finally repaved the South end of Placito de Oro where it hits Alameda. That intersection was starting to look like it was being prepped for a reenactment of the Battle of Stalingrad.

La Tierra looking south. 
Hey, O'Grady. Where are you?
 Today was back to the present effort to get somewhat back in shape, so that amounted to a couple hours of fun up on the La Tierra Trails. Those trails never fail to amuse me.

Lots to do this time of year. Be safe out there.

Bored with the trails? Try the Tour de Tano

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kill With a Car, and Victims Don't Even Get "Thoughts and Prayers"?

Used with past permissions, i.e., this time I didn't ask

  Sent to Mayor Webber and Councilors Lindell, Villarreal, and Coppler

Someone, anyone, please explain this travesty to me. Cruise down the road while allegedly talking on the cell phone and kill someone. Whoopsie! You get what looks like a free pass.

So is Marco Serna running for Congress so he can do as good a job in DC as he is doing in the DA’s office? That’s choice.

And, of course, the guy who got himself and his son killed was, according to this article, doing almost twice the posted speed limit on St. Francis Drive. He isn’t around for charges to be filed and his kid is in the Hereafter rather than late for school. That’s a lesson all parents should think about.

All well-deserved sarcasm towards certain public institutions aside, people (and society) take driving for granted rather than thinking about the risks they are imposing on others. We do so damn little to fight that complacency.

Got yer man card yet?
Back to “thoughts and prayers”. That “Consider Your Man Card Reissued” Bushmaster selling pitch made me want to vomit and has contributed to efforts to ban these "weapons of war". But what about “Closed Course, Professional Driver, Don’t Try This At Home”? Some ads are so bad they have been banned abroad. Driving is serious business done with other people around. Take it seriously.

Scrooge’s famous retort in Christmas Carol is getting to be one of my favorites after reading the morning paper: I’ll retire to Bedlam,

Khal Spencer

Current Member, BTAC and longtime Transportation Board Chair in Los Alamos, speaking for myself Santa Fe, NM