Friday, January 29, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So Long, Glen Frey...

Yep, that's a picture taken in Winslow.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Don't Forget Bicycle Day at the Capitol. See Below...

Patrick O'Grady and I discussed using this sketch in the flyer. Both of us can have nasty senses of humor and the fact is, Pat sketched this cartoon after a surgeon up in Colorado was mowed down by an investment banker in a Mercedes. The investment banker was given a light slap on the wrist by the District Attorney and judge. Hence Patrick's Foaming Rant, linked here.  Please show up. As O'Grady and Yours Truly muttered over the phone, its nice to ride our bikes on a nice Saturday, but let's not forget that other people vote, and not always in our best interest.

Speaking of which, today sure was a nice day to ride.

Taking a break up at the top of the Quemezon loop.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Biker Day at the Roundhouse: Saturday, 13 Feb. Save the Date

Jennifer (l) and Annette (r), past rally
 For the last few years, courtesy of the hard work of Jennifer Buntz and the Duke City Wheelmen, the bicycling community has been included in the annual Bike Day rally, which has been pulled off due to the heavy lifting of Annette Torrez and the New Mexico Motorcyclist Rights Organization. Thus, the rally has been a joint one of the bicycling and motorcycling communities.

 This year, the rally is also endorsed by the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico while Tony Farrar, owner of New Mexico Bike N Sport, is welcoming us to his shop as a greeting and staging area, as his bike shop is ideally suited for a short ride down quiet roads to the Roundhouse. Diane Albert and I, on behalf of BCNM, will provide pizza. Bicycling writer and cartoonist Patrick O'Grady has offered to help with a cartoon for a poster.

We need to show up and use this to highlight the legislative issues that are important to both groups, including holding road users accountable with better laws that sanction dangerous driving, and by promoting a statewide complete streets policy. Bad roads and abrupt three inch dropoffs on shoulders are dangerous, whether on a Bianchi or a Harley-Davidson. We will also honor the late Andrew Wright, who was co-owner of Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly Business Bicycle Technologies International of Santa Fe. Andrew was killed last year when someone in a jeep pulled in front of his Ducati.

Stay Tuned.