Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Bridge Not Too Far

Los Alamos Daily Post Photo by Greg Kendall
As reported in the Los Alamos Daily Post, the bike-ped bridge spanning DP Canyon and thus connecting the east portion of the Canyon Rim Trail to the continuation of that trail headed east from the Smith's Marketplace was installed Friday.

This high profile, million dollar investment will provide an off road resource that will allow people to connect from Townsite to the Los Alamos Co-Op, various businesses, and the Pajarito Cliffs county offices and other facilities. Thus riding on NM 502 can be avoided.
This was one of the two biggest physical hurdles to connecting the trail sections. The other is constructing several cuts in the cliff face along the route to make room for a wide enough trail. There were other issues as well regarding acquiring land and easements. More here on the history of the project.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Future of Bicycling?

Couple things hit the desk this morning.

And of course yet another rider hangs up the road bike rather than face brainless drivers.

I’m done

"You win, cars. I don't go for long road rides anymore because I'm scared shitless that you're going to kill me. I've got a kid now, and I can't bear the thought of leaving the Earth before he graduates from something, or whatever. You don't stop for school busses with stop signs out. You wouldn't know a crosswalk if it was licking your earlobe. Every other goddamn one of you is on your phone - talking, texting, penning masturbatory tomes - who knows? You just get bigger, too..."

(continued--go read the original so I don't get into copyright trouble)

Don't worry. I'll be less grumpy after I get outa this walking cast and back into some cleats.