Sunday, April 29, 2018

More of the Rail Trail

I decided to turn around at the top of the descent down to Lamy. The trail was getting really rough and primitive and my teeth were knocking as I rode on those 700-32's. Plus, as the going got slower, the water in the Camelbak was not being used up any slower. Between the Camelbak and a water bottle, I got back home with about an ounce in the tank. But nice ride.

I suppose if I had taken a map and realized I was about a quarter mile from my destination, I would have bombed on down...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Sins of Urbanhood

So I finally dug out the mountainbike and explored the La Tierra Trails today. Nice, if not as rocky and technically challenging as North Mesa. But there is a lot of riding to do on La Tierra and it is only a mile from the house by mountain bike. A lot of the trails are pretty mellow as trails go but you can still find rocky sections and technical places where a biff is probable if you are not on your game. But its not Bayo Canyon, either.  Another angle on Bayo Canyon and North Mesa here.

I put the ancient but still in great shape Richey Speedmax tires on even though they are a little small for this bike. At an alleged 26x2.1 they are a lot smaller than my usual mud grinders but since its a mile on tarmac to and from the trails and since even the "technical" trails are dry and fairly smooth right now (see below), these have plenty of grip except on coarse, heavy gravel sections but those are rare. Meanwhile, they are fast and fun.

This is a nice way to burn off some stress on an afternoon that is windy as all getout and not much fun on a road bike!

Looking south from somewhere or other on the La Tierra Trails

View from a little knoll towards the S. end of the La Tierra Trails
Nice view of the rift volcanics to the S. near Albuquerque

Just a reminder that we really can be that stupid. 
We live in the shadow of some really dumb decisions.

And of course settling in to dinner and the evening means dialing in Dave Brubeck on Pandora. Sigh. I must be getting old.