Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lighting sequel

I finally added some light to my commuter bike. Rather than spending three to five hundred dead presidents on high-zoot bike lighting, I picked up an $89 Princeton Tec Apex Pro headlamp at REI.

It seems to put out a lot of long (four or five car lengths worth of useful illumination) as well as short distance illumination and is far cheaper than most high end bike lights. I'll be running it in various modes (using the main 3 watt LED with and without the four satellite LED's, in both high and low output mode) along with my NiteRider 15 watt light.

I also added a Blackburn Mars 2 to the tailgunner's perch to try to get the attention of our Driving-While-Cellular crowd. So if I get run down, at least someone will have a hard time saying they didn't see me.

Stay tuned. If I turn out not to like this light for commuting, it will be great for walking the dogs in the winter!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bike Lane Bottleneck at Golf Course

Has anyone taken a look at the bike lane bottleneck at the golf course entrance. The bike lane abruptly narrows where some concrete structure has encroached into it. Was this in the plan? I'll try to take a photo of it later.