Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Santa Fe Open Space, Trails, and Parks Strategic Management Plan Public Review Draft

Rail Trail looking North
 Santa Fe County would like to invite you to review the Open Space, Trails and Parks Strategic Management Plan public review draft. This Plan is the culmination of input from community members, stakeholders, agencies, partners and user groups to develop a framework to move the Open Space, Trails, and Parks Program forward for the next 20 years.  This Strategic Management Plan is intended to be a guidance document from the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to management, staff and the public for implementation of Open Space, Trails and Parks (OSTP) programs and projects. This plan also provides clear and transparent information for the public regarding the vision and goals of the County’s OSTP program. Once adopted by the BCC, this plan will serve as a policy framework and an adaptable guide for future OSTP programming.

Lovely tree/bike stand!

Public comment closes on December 1, 2018. Please send comments to Maria Lohmann, or call 505-995-2774.

Ecological diversity bank/recreational resource
  There will be a public review meeting on November 28, 2018 to give an overview of the Plan as well as answer any questions and record comments. More details will be sent out closer to the meeting date.

Touring rig on the Rail Trail just for grins

Oh, and in consideration of tomorrow being Thanksgiving...