Saturday, August 25, 2007

Two Items


For summer 2007 Aspen lift will be running two Saturdays each month from 9 am – 3 pm.

All-day tickets for mountain biking are $15, or free with a 2006/07 or 2007/08 season pass.

The scheduled dates are:
August: 25th - THAT IS TODAY!
September: 8th & 29th
September 29th - Bike & Hike will operate in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Celebration activities.

More info here

Upcoming Guaje Canyon Trail project

The Following message forwarded from Craig Martin - Open Space Specialist for the County.

Hi everyone,Well, I spent the day out on the Guaje Canyon trail with Ken Feller lastweek. As you can imagine, it needs some attention.......numerous treesdown, plenty of brushing to do, and some short but important stretches oftreadwork. So, we're currently trying to cook up a scheme that gets us inthere with a chainsaw or two, and hopefully, some loppers, McCleods, andpulaskis.

We've decided upon an ambitious day-project: next Friday, August31..........7:30 a.m. at Camp May/Guaje Canyon Trail #282 Trailhead Please be punctual as this will be a llllooooonnnnngggg day, any wayyou look at it.

In order to mitigate time spent on accessing the trail from the top (GuajeCanyon overlook), we have tentative pack support arranged to help get thesaws, handtools, etc. in to the project. So, the horses will help with the load.

Here's a quick summary on the route: again, I plan to hike in from Camp May, through Canada Bonita, to the Guaje Cyn. overlook. There is a handfulof trees up there that need to be cut out. Then, I'll descend the switchbacks and continue to cut out trees, all the way down to the Guaje Reservoir, and continuing down that same trail. In the meantime, Miles Standish will be heading UP the FR 442, probably cutting out a few trees, aswell: the idea being that he will be able to pick me/us up after the projectand save us from a hike across the Guaje Ridge via the Mitchell Trail. He can probably take me, plus four, so any additional participants would need to arrange for their own transportation. Another option for mountain bikers would be to ride in to the overlook, stash bikes, and continue hiking downin to the project (Feller and I were successful with that approach, last week).

Please consider yourselves warmly invited to participate; in fact, we reallyneed the help. It's clear to me that, should we get 3-5 folks out there,that trail would really be a wonderful experience for any and all who chooseto hike, bike, or ride it. Sound good? Who's with me?!!

Mike, et. al.: I'm hoping that Miles can drive our Chevy Tahoe in on theRendija Cyn. FR 57 heading east, then left on the FR 442 heading northwest,all the way up to the "pick-up" spot, which is the gate on the 442, west ofthe top of the Upper Guaje Cyn. Rd, and at the bottom of the Guaje Cyn/Vallecito de los Caballos/Agua Piedra trails. Does that look allright? Will I be able to get through a gate where the FR 442 meets the FR 416? I was told that you and your Site Stewards had a good handle on the access, out there.

Comments? Suggestions? Please forward this invite/project notice on toyour respective trail buddies!! And, please let me know if you can beinvolved so I can reserve you a spot on the Tahoe.Thanks-A-Million!!

Craig D. Saum
Trail Crew Supervisor
Espanola Ranger District
Santa Fe National Forest

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Chance to Mt. Bike the Caldera - Sept 2

The Valles Caldera National Preserve is holding this years final day of Mountain Biking on Sunday, September 2nd.

There are two tours available. An easier one for "Cruisers" and a more difficult one for "Climbers."

For more information check the Preserve's website at: VC Mountain Biking Event.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, the Preserves Recreation Coordinator would greatly appreciate the help. Contact Rob Dixon
Cell:2 3 1-1 4 4 nine
Office: 6 6 1-3 3 3 three to volunteer.