Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oil Hits a High; Some See $4 Gas by Spring


I guess its a good thing that the bike lanes on Diamond Drive will be that much farther along by the end of this year. Perhaps the price of gas is finally going to go high enough to induce an increased mode split between driving SOV's and alternatives, and we in Los Alamos will be better prepared for such an event.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

James Quinn fatality near Albuquerque: followup

Link sent to me by Gail Ryba, ED of Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico.

I'll comment later. Wonder what others think.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The two-hour snow delay cluster-*%$#

Is anyone else wondering why LANS, the LA School District, and County can't come up with a better way to get people to work/school on snowy days? For two days in a row, there has been a massive traffic snarl as everyone tries to get into Los Alamos at exactly the same time. One would think that the finest scientific minds in America could do better....why not try a staggered-start, for Pete's sake...

After seeing traffic backed up to Conoco Hill, I decided to go re-warm the last bit of coffee and post the Sheldon piece. An hour working late makes more sense than developing high blood pressure.

Sheldon Brown, 1944-2008

Sheldon took his last ride on this earth a couple days ago, succoming to a massive heart attack. The cycling world lost a great person. Matt Wiebe wrote an obit on Bicycling Industry and Retailing News.

For some insight into Sheldon, check out his home page. I knew him from many an email going back over a decade, many on the tandem@hobbles list, and some good advice he was always generous with regarding bike technology. The Sugino triple bought for my Redline Conquest Pro, which Sheldon suggested rather than a "racing triple" takes on a little bit of added history now.