Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Los Alamos Commuters: Share your Stories

Do you commute in Los Alamos by bicycle?

Where do you commute to? From? How far? How Often?

Any experiences to share to help other commuters?

Please share your thoughts by commenting to this post.


Gene Dougherty said...

I commute from North community and enjoy it with the exception of the stretch of road from Sandia to Sullivan Field. Hopefully the Diamond drive reconstruction project will remedy the missing bike lanes.

Thanks for riding your bicycle and sparing the rest of us from yet another exercise in moving 4000 lbs of fashion accessory from A to B!

Scott Doebling said...

Gene- Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Yes, the Diamond drive reconstruction will be adding 6ft bike lanes along the entire length of the road. In the stretch that you mention, the existing sidewalks will be pushed out (to the outside of the overpass steps) and the bike lanes will basically be where the sidwalks are now.

I am preparing a blog with a summary of the Diamond project including pictures of the planned road cross-sections for each segment. (These used to be available on the county website but apparently are not any more.)

David said...

I commute from Santa Fe every once while. Now that the 285 frontage road is open, it is a wonderful ride.

My suggestion though, is to take a bag up of clothes the day before... riding 2.5 hours with a messenger bag full of extra clothes isn't that fun. Don't repeat my mistake people.

Worst part of the ride is from the Rio Grande back to Pojoque... what a slog after a long day at work.

And now I'll have to figure out what to do other than bring my bike into my office of the SCC!

Scott Doebling said...

David- Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment. Wow, commuting from Santa Fe - that is impressive! I will post some pictures of your commute if you want to send some in.

I am preparing a blog entry about the "no bikes in the SCC" thing, should have it posted this weekend.

Neale said...

I ride from 35th street, by the golf course. If I take my time and use a high gear I can stretch it out to come in at 15 minutes, otherwise it's more like 12. I've been riding in to work since I started here 3 years ago.

Before Los Alamos, I exclusively bike commuted in Seattle for two years. I'd have to say Diamond is a much less stressful ride than anything in Seattle, with good visibility and generally alert and polite drivers. After Diamond's completed--wow!

Anonymous said...

I ride to work a couple of days a week from White Rock. Now that Diamond Dr is designed with bike lanes, can we start the process of getting a bike path from White Rock to the Truck Rt. along State Rd. 4? The shoulder is wide enough along most of the stretch that very little dirt work would be necessary. Any ideas on where to start and which government entity to contact?

Neale said...

The truck route is owned by LANL, so you'd go through your management to request it. Don't hold your breath, though.

Anonymous said...


It's not the truck route that needs the path. It's state rd 4. I know it's in Santa Fe county, but they have no vested interest in serving white rock. With whom in Los Alamos do we start the conversation?

Neale said...

Ah, state route 4. Your best bet is probably to start with the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico. The page I linked has contact information for Gail Ryba, the president, and also Tim Rogers, the state bicycle coordinator.

Let me know what (if any) progress you make on this and when the time comes I'll do what I can to rally the troops.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I left a message for Tim, but haven't heard back. I'll let you know.