Friday, October 26, 2007

From Geoff Rogers

Hi All,

Just a head's up concerning the design of Diamond. Phases II and III are
incorporating bus pull-outs. That's the good news. It appears that the bike
lanes are being considered as part of the bus pull-out. I'm not sure this is
a good design idea. Any ideas or suggestions?


He is at: rodgers(at)cybermesa(dot)com


Khal said...

If this were New York City I might be alarmed. I can't imagine that many buses, and its possible to accomodate each other. But it would be best to look at the specific drawings.

There are some bus pullouts on Phase I near the fire station. Have not even seen a bus on my rides in so far.

Scott said...

Is this a good idea? I think that depends upon what "are being considered" means. :)

Scott said...

But as a serious reply: Anything that gives fosters a practical, safe alternative to the passenger car is a good thing in my book.

Thus: More bike lanes and more accomodation for buses are good things. (properly engineered of course)