Friday, December 7, 2007

Dangerous drop offs from Resurfacing Roads

Copied from the btno.blogspot Bombtown news blog by Anonymous:

On a completely different note, what the heck did the county do to Diamond??!! Have you driven on the new overlay they just put down in front of the high school?Besides the obvious uneveness and lack of cohesiveness, us cyclists are once again going to be forced into traffic as the wrap ends about 12 inches from the curb--just so that bikers will either be forced to dangerously navigate into a gap between the asphalt and the curb, or push closer into the lane where the asphalt is.Was the county in a rush to spend some last calendar year dollars? Was there any engineering done to support that asphalt project? Big sigh.
Greg again:
I've notice this is a problem all over the place. Resurfacing jobs on many roads in our area (and beyond) are being done half-assed and leaving a dangerous drop off right where bikes would be riding. The companies getting these contracts are not resurfacing the bike lanes and thus saving tons of money on the job. An example is the resurfacing that occured on the truck route making it much more dangerous to ride down. I notice they did the same thing on the road out to Ojo Caliente Hot Spring recently and now are they doing it on diamond?

There should be a law that if a resurfacing job is done then they must do the entire road and not just the car lanes.



Khal said...

Greg, I saw that too on the way to work this morning and left a messsage about it with Nancy Talley, the Traffic Manager.

Meanwhile, that lip is a good reason for cyclists to NOT hug the curb.

Khal Spencer

Scott said...

Hello everyone:

I have commuted by bicycle on that stretch of Diamond several times since the repaving and I did not even notice the aforementioned dropoffs until I read this article and went looking for them. I always take the lane along this stretch of Diamond (from roughly Canyon to Sandia/Orange), so I probably never get within 4 feet of these dropoffs.