Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oil Yer Chain

I've heard a lot of squeaky chains lately. Keeping your chain well-oiled is the easiest and most effective way you can prolong the life of your parts.

You can use any sort of oil to lubricate your chain (except for WD-40!), but a specialized chain oil is best. There are many opinions on how to properly get the oil where it needs to go. I like to put the bottle on the inside of the bottom part of the chain, squeeze the bottle, and back-pedal. After a few revolutions, I'll take a paper towel and hold it over the chain as I back pedal some more, to get the excess oil off.

Tada! You're done, and can now ride your bike around town quietly, like the urban ninja you are.


Jimbo said...


Khal said...

Neale's comment could be a metaphor for much in this town lately. Or was that your point all along, Neale?

Amy said...

Urban ninja? Like an urban bicyclist ninja? Man, that's awesome. You could yank off your chainrings and use them as those ninja star thingies when someone irritates you! I should've thought of that the other day when the guy warned us to watch out for motorists who would pull a GUN on you (thanks for the tip, dude). You know, try to one-up him and say "no way, I've already got that covered with my sweet chainring throwing star! I'm unstoppable!" (and that neale, is what you get for sending me to sites like that real ultimate power one.)