Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cyclist hit on W. Jemez --More

Latest (3rd) update on Carol Clark's blog is out and contains more details following an interview between LAPD, the motorist, and his attorney. Click on the photo to go to her site. Keep an eye on the Monitor, too, which hopefully will have the police report in a few days and we can figure out how this happened.
A previous update is here. In this update, Carolyn Zerkle indicates there will be a fundraiser as part of this year's Tour de Los Alamos for the hit rider.


Jimbo said...
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Jimbo said...

I deleted my previous comment.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the cyclist and the guy who hit him. Word is now the driver might have fallen asleep or something. He must be going through hell.

The cyclist is seriously injured and remains in guarded condition apparently.

My ride to work and home today was in honor of the injured cyclist and it was done on the trails.

Let's be safe out there. Or at least vigilant.

Khal said...

Jim, I wish I remember what it was you said, but I don't.

I think we all need to hold off on being judgmental. Until the facts come out, all we have is conjecture. I have not heard any explanation on why the motorist hit the cyclist, so your explanation is news to me.

Its too easy in these situations to assume the worst about the other guy, given the nature of crashes we hear about in New Mexico. For example, the Heather Reu fatality.

Wait for the details to come out.