Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How about a distracted driving superblitz?

According to the Monitor, there will be a DWI superblitz all summer. As far as cyclist safety, I am equally concerned with driver distraction (see downloadable pdf courtesy of the AAA Foundation) as we cyclists are usually out during the day when driver inattention is likely to be more prevalent than driver drunkenness, at least here in BombTown.

Driver inattention (not having to do with a cell phone or similar device, apparently) almost took a local cyclist's life last summer and I suspect that is only the harbinger of things to come as more people get into the habit of texting, etc., while driving and our state legislature does squat about the problem. I would hate to wait until we have a dead victim in Los Alamos to name a County law after, either.

Lets face it, here on The Hill as at Lake Wobegon, everyone thinks their driving and multitasking skills are above average and they can thus multitask safely while driving. But the jury is back in: such behavior reduces our drivers to dangerous incompetence. Sure, most multitaskers don't intend to hurt anybody, but that won't stop you from getting hurt. Do you want to see motor vehicle operation reduced to Gumby Theatre? Probably not.

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