Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do not spindle or mutilate. Feel free to fold.

Attending the 2010 League of American Bicyclists National Rally in Albuquerque turned out to be a pretty good deal. In addition to the rides, the train ride back from Belen, being able to touch base with old friends and fellow advocates, and having an excuse to get outa Dodge for a few days, Meena and I bought a couple raffle tickets for a folding bike. Lo and behold, when the winning numbers were drawn at the Saturday banquet, we ended up bringing home a Giant Halfway. Now, we just have to find time to ride one more bike! Many thanks to the folks at The Kickstand of Albuquerque for donating the bike for the raffle. And you really can fold that puppy up inside of fifteen seconds.

The League posthumously presented the Phyllis Harmon Volunteer of the Year award to Gail Ryba. The award was accepted by Tom Robey. It was a pretty moving experience. I've got some further mutterings about this, but I'll save my LA Bike colleagues the pain and suffering of reading them and post them here instead.


Steve A said...

In my experience, I ride all the bikes except for the ones that are broken and I haven't gotten around to fixing.

albert said...

as an owner of 3 folding bikes, welcome to the "fold".

Neale said...

Nice, Khal!

I got my Bike Friday New World Tourist on Wednesday last week and was going to post about it, but decided against it at the last minute. Maybe I'll put that post up anyway.

Amy and I took our Fridays to Albuquerque over the weekend. We couldn't afford to attend the rally so we decided to ride from Bernalillo to UNM on our own, taking the train back. I must have answered 20 questions about the Fridays, and I gave at least 4 demos of the fold.

Khal said...

You should post it. We need more stories about bikes and less of my pessimistic ranting about the state of the world.

I was surprised Meena wanted to go but she did, so that was our summer vacation. Plus, it would have been a bit of a cop-out to help with Gail's ceremony and not attend the rally. It was a good time and I finally got to sit down with Andy, Fred, and Preston over a couple beers.