Monday, October 18, 2010

Utility bike

I've been trying to avoid getting into an automobile lately. When Amy saw the two suitcases I had to bring in to work this morning she suggested we just take the car, but I wanted to see how it would go on the bike. It was a little wobbly but not bad once I got used to it. I really appreciate the low gearing that my New World Tourist came with. I can't do my 35mph runs in front of the high school any more, but I can't say I really miss them either.


Khal said...

Neale, was that you and Amy at LAMC today around 11 a.m.? I saw two Bike Fridays parked next to my Salsa LaCruz. Can't be too many of those bikes around...yet.

Neale said...

Yep, that was us. I was going to leave you a note, but I figured you'd know it was us, because of exactly what you mention.

That bike rack is really unfortunate, by the way. Even our 20-inch wheels can't really get into it. I don't understand how that style of rack became so popular.

I actually took a photo of that rack a while ago. What happens when your sole criterion for buying a bike rack is "looks good".