Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A hui hou, Eve DeCoursey

A good friend from times gone by left last week for that great ride in the sky.

We need more cyclists like EveDeCoursey around. Eve was the longtime Executive Director of the Hawaii Bicycling League. I worked with her throughout the 1990's before moving here. She later left Oahu for Washington, D.C. (after first working with the Honolulu Dept. of Transportation Services as Pedestrian and Traffic Coordinator, promoting the traffic calming Pace Car program and the Red Sneakers program to encourage childhood mobility) and becamee a senior staffer on WABA. Eve knew that to grow cyclists into a great cycling movement, you first had to grow the love of cycling into a lot of cyclists and she did that with uncanny enthusiasm and an intuition into how to reach new and old riders. She was also a concert-quality pianist and several times was the Hawaii Women's State Road Racing Champion.

Eve passed away after a long illness last week. Mahalo to WABA for their memorial to Eve.

As for the rest of us. We need to go ride our bikes.

Eve DeCoursey


Walter Enomoto said...

Aloha Khal,
I had the honor and privilege of meeting Eve back in the early 90's when she was the Executive Director for the Hawaii Bicycling League. Her enthusiasm and grace coupled with her determination to improve conditions for all bicyclists inspired myself and countless many others to take up the good fight and keep at it in the face of adversity. Eve's incredible legacy of bike work set the bar which myself and many other bike advocates strive to attain in our own ways. I owe a debt of gratitude to Eve for her guidance and support during my early bike advocate "infancy" that words cannot adequately convey. And while her presence will be greatly missed, her spirit will live on in Hawaii's bicycling community.

John Z Wetmore said...

I interviewed Eve in Honolulu in November, 1996.