Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trinity Drive hearing

Tuesday nite note: By a vote of 5-2, Council elected to continue detailed analysis of Options A2 and A3. Thanks to all who have been engaged in this question, whether pro or con for any given option.

Please note that this vote does not commit the County to build one of these options. Like the Transportation Board motion to Council, it ensures that we continue to study these options in far more detail so we can make a good choice. A full discussion in the Los Alamos Monitor is here.

Council will debate Trinity Drive tonight, and will undoubtedly hear from a lot of doubtful citizens and a lot of self-proclaimed experts. Be there and say something if you care about how this unfolds.

Neale Pickett has posted a very good website on the topic here.

If you read my last post, you know that change is inevitable. Unfortunately, many humans hate change. It usually comes through brute force.

Do 1970's four lane highways through town fit 21st Century needs? Good question.

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