Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bus and Bikes: Safely Sharing the Road

Nice 12 minute video put together by The Chicago Department of Transportation and the Chicago Transit Authority. I suggested it as required viewing for bus drivers (Atomic City, LA Schools, LANL). And for cyclists, too.  Full size version is at the Youtube link. I've downsized the video to fit here.

Please note that where the Chicago video suggests a three feet overtaking minimum, in Los Alamos County we have a five foot overtaking minimum. There are no magic distances--what really matters is using good judgment and allowing a margin of safety. Also, there are bicyclists shown doing some daft things here. Not all are marked WRONG in flashing block letters. See if you can find examples.

Acknowledgements to Tom Ezell, LCI #1853 for sending me the link. Also, thanks to Jon for his comment and link to John Allen's bike/bus page.


Walter Enomoto said...

Thanks for posting Khal!
I'll be linking this in my next update out to the cycling masses.
Walter "bikeguy" Enomoto

Jon said...

For those of us who prefer prose to video, John Allen has a good page