Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Astonishing new bike lane

This new 6-inch-wide bike lane, on Diamond south of Orange, is cute (click to enlarge):

Notice where the SUV is in this photo. That driver is doing what we instruct our Road Skills 101 students to do: position your vehicle as though there were no stripe at all.

I actually thought it would have been nice not to have a designated bike lane for a few days, so people could feel what it was like: not that scary, plus motorized traffic sweeps the road surface for you.

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Khal said...

Neale, I wish one of two things.

One, that we dispense with the bike lanes in this section of Diamond, because it might create turning and crossing conflicts.

Or, that at least when the county repaints them, they at least paint straight lines five feet from the gutter pan. Those little reflective tabs were weaving all over the place.