Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why you need to stay out of the door zone.

Fortunately, we have few situations with bike lanes next to parked cars.  Urban Park is the only one I can think of. But Central Ave is one of those places a cyclist might be tempted to ride too far right and too close to parallel parked cars in order to be nice to overtaking traffic.Bad idea.

Take a look at the discussion of this chilling video on Prof. Andy Cline's site and over at Commute Orlando. One video is worth anything I could say here. Plus, its not just hitting the door and getting splattered. Its being flung out into traffic and being splattered a second time.

Stay farther than a door width from parked cars. That is generally about five feet. If a bike lane stripe tells you otherwise, ignore the bike lane and show the nice person beeping at you this video.

A longer video put together by LCI and longtime cycling educator Dan Guitierrez with some real and simulated crashes is on Youtube. I've embedded it here. Enjoy the Stones music.

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