Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gran Fondo de Taos

New ride/race in Northern New Mexico, and as usual, it ain't here. One of the Gran Fondo de Taos' purposes, from the web site, is to "...assist with making Taos the high altitude training capital of the U.S...."

Conversely, I have heard complaints from Tour de Los Alamos participants that this town is not terribly hospitable to visitors for that race, i.e., restaurant choices on the weekend, hotel quality. My worry is that with the Laboratory contracting, time will pass us by since not enough folks want to hump the bushes for more business, such as making Los Alamos the "high altitude training capital of the U.S."

Sigh. With close to seventy years of almost exclusively sucking on the Federal teat, I guess old habits are hard to change. So much energy going into "keeping money on the hill", rather than bringing it here ourselves with new initiatives.

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