Monday, February 11, 2013

Bicycling Access on LANL Roads

Just to help clear up some confusion lately about bicycling access through the LANL vehicle access portals ("VAPs"). I've vetted this with the LANL Security Division.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory Associate Director for Safeguards and Security and the "pro force" (Securing Our Country-Los Alamos) provide the following clarification, based on the current security conditions (SECON), to members of the Protective Force and to bicyclists. For the following VAPs: 
  • West Jemez and East Jemez: bicyclists do not need to be ID'ed, but they must slow down to be acknowledged by the Protective Force.
  • Pajarito Road: Dept. of Energy badges are required for all, including bicyclists.
Changes in SECON (which can change the access protocols) will be reflected on the LANL home page and on signs near the VAPs; commuters, including bicyclists, should always pay attention to signs.

For more information, the public can access this link.  Note on that link: "all vehicles" really means "all motor vehicles".

 LANL employees can access the internal LANL site for additional information.

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