Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Would a TV Ad for a Gun Look Like if a Car Company's Ad Dept. Made It?

Following up on that last post, and after a comment by Steve Avery and this story about the NFL purportedly rejecting a gun ad that doesn't even show a gun, I propose that LA Bikes make a TV gun ad as though a car company's ad agency were to film it. Since Greg is a film guy, maybe he can help. We will need extras of course and a location. Our ad will sell the new, improved 2014 model year BlastMaster K-223-45, 100 rd drum magazine equipped Modern Tactical Sporting Rifle with TurboFire gas operation for TWICE the cycling rate compared to any other semiautomatic rifle, and the ActivePulse air cooled barrel to keep you blasting away all day with no loss of accuracy or that dreaded overheating that shortens barrel life.

We will need:

1. A good replica of a high capacity rifle, or even a real one, with blanks (or mix in the sound later).

2. Extras, presumably from one of our local grade schools.

3. An actor to play the shooter.

4. Actors to play the SWAT team.

5. Actors to play distraught parents.

6. A location. How about the Pueblo Complex? Or maybe TA-72?

7. The script, of course.

8. Simulated blood, chicken bones (splintered), and small body parts.

Naturally, we will have our own disclaimer, similar to the ones you see on those TV ads where people are doing blatantly illegal and dangerous things with cars:

"Closed range. Simulated gunshot wounds to small children and teachers. Professional shooter using blanks in a modified assault-type rifle.  Don't try this at home. Use guns responsibly, even though we advertise them irresponsibly. Always use ear and eye protection, make sure of your backstop and of your target. "


So the idea is to do an ad along these lines. Any takers, leave contact information as a comment to be contacted by us at the the DoubleStandard Ad Agency of Los Alamos, LLC.

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