Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unsafe Behavior/Crash Precursor on Diamond Drive

Often disputed as to its original assertions, 
but still useful, safety pyramid.
(The links between unsafe behavior 
and its consequences still apply )
Unsafe acts and conditions don't often result in a major incident. But occasionally they do, with catastrophic consequences. Catastrophic consequences resulting in ghost bikes, for example. To quote from the Vista web site:  "...underlying factors - missing controls, lax procedures, badly designed equipment - create high-risk situations that are likely to lead to a major incident. Thus identifying and addressing these high-risk situations, or 'precursors,' is the key to preventing major accidents. A precursor is any high-risk practice that has not been recognized and corrected. It could, for example, be a safety control that is routinely ignored. In such a case, the company could go for years with very low lost-time injury rates. Then a worker is killed..."

Thus,  I sent the following note to Chief Sgambellone, Rep. Richards, and our County Council. Feel free to do the same.

Dear Los Alamos County Council, Chief Sgambellone, and Rep. Garcia-Richards
This morning while driving to work, I saw a white sedan weaving erratically while headed Southbound on Diamond Drive in Los Alamos during rush hour. One minute the motorist was in the right lane, the next drifting all the way into the bike lane. Ahead of the car were two bicyclist commuters.
I accelerated to pull alongside the driver and saw she was staring intently into her lap. I beeped my horn and got her attention, whereas she started watching her driving again. The two cyclists were passed safely.
Currently, there is a bill in the State Legislature calling for a statewide ban on texting while driving. I implore Council as a group, and individual councilors as concerned citizens, to write or call our state legislative deligation supporting this bill, which is also endorsed by the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico, of which I am a Board member. Former Police Chief Torpy in the past did not like the idea of individual counties having different texting or cell phone laws, so passing a statewide bill is a good idea.
If the current bill does not become law, I strongly urge Council to revisit this issue, preferably before we have a dead or maimed resident to name an ordinance after.

A traffic safety pyramid of sorts

209,000,000 Drivers and 2,973,000,000 miles travelled (2008)

West Jemez Road. One of our cyclists is down (2009)

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