Sunday, August 10, 2014

Charles Pelkey for Wyoming House of Representatives

Hopefully, the race won't be an "endo" for CP!
Attorney, cyclist, bike racer, longtime cycling journalist, and Live Update Guy Charles Pelkey has tossed his hat in the ring for the WY State House. No, not that state house. The Wyoming House of Representatives. Here is a sort of announcement over at Red Kite Prayer. Drop by and offer him some advice, which he has asked for. I asked where his war chest is being kept so we can toss some funds into it, including some I just sent up that way. Yep, he is endorsed by this site. His Pelkey for House web site (below) covers his political thinking, which goes far and wide beyond cycling issues. It also has a link to the tip jar.

Pelkey for House Web Site.

Facebook page.

From the Pelkey for House Site

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Steve A said...

And to think I passed through Laramie last week. Not many yard signs for anybody are up yet...