Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When Does Careless Driving Become Dangerous Driving?

You tell me. Meanwhile, I sent this note to our Chief of Police.

Shit like this doesn't just happen in Albuquerque
Dear Chief Sgambellone

I was riding my motorcycle home today and was behind a motorist on Diamond Drive near the High School who was driving extremely carelessly. Driving towards the Diamond Roundabout, she was about half the time entirely in the bike lane, randomly weaving in and out of it erratically and slower than the speed limit. Thankfully there were no bicyclists there until I got to "Conoco Hill", i.e., Diamond and Arkansas. There I saw a bicyclist who I know riding home from LANL.

Looking back, I could still see the wayward motorist weaving all over the place. I positioned my motorcycle parallel to the rider and gave him a heads up, staying there until the motorist changed lanes to pass me.

 I hope you let the patrol officers know that such driving is not only potentially dangerous to cyclists, but has a chilling effect on anyone contemplating using those bike lanes. Thanks for any help you can provide in having officers look out for such bad driving.

p.s. In case anyone called in asking why someone was riding a red BMW slowly in the right lane, this is the reason.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Khal!

the cyclist in the bike lane :-0