Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hey Sport Motorbiker. We Are Not Traffic Cones

Shit Happens. Even without your help.
Headed down NM-4 from the Jemez towards the tail end of a 40 mile bicycle ride, I was on the next to last sharp curve before one gets to the final set of hairpins. Two cyclists, a man and a woman, were climbing through the curve and I was halfway through my line, about in the middle of the downhill lane and in a medium but not overcooked lean, i.e., even my head was on my side of the double yellow line. So along comes someone riding fast uphill on a sport motorbike, passing in the gap between me leaning left in my line and the two uphill cyclists. The motorcyclist was leaning heavily, and at some serious speed.

I don't know who that was and frankly, don't know his or her abilities. Perhaps it was a technically very good rider, but I question the rider's judgement. Even good riders pushing the envelope occasionally find the envelope pushing back on them. Don't take innocent parties with you when you f**k up.

A few years back the Pajarito Riders crew was moving fast through the hairpin in that hollow near Forest Road 289 when some sport moto guys came riding through fast from the other direction. They all got their handlebars tangled up and several people ended up in the hospital. Apexing only works well when you exit the other side upright.

Be careful out there. I love motorcycling as much as anyone, which is why I consider my motorized brethren fair game for a ration of shit. I prefer to not damage anyone else in the process of having my little bit of fun. Don't put other people at risk, no matter what the devil you are riding or driving. I've been the guy standing at the side of the road several times watching other people get the spatula treatment, i.e., being scraped up off the road. I've also got two Spatula Awards of my own. Either way, its a terrible experience.

Thanks. Off the soapbox. Hope everyone up there, motorized or not, had a great day and got off the mountain before the thunderstorm.

A compilation of motorcycle crashes on Mulholland Drive, CA.

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