Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Where Do You Cross The Street?

Sent this email to the Mayor of Idaho Falls on Sunday after getting here. Pictures show the problem, in part.

Lindsay Looking North

Lindsay Looking South
Dear Dr. Mayor Casper

 I walked from my hotel (Best Western Cottontree on Lindsay and Landbank) almost to the intersection of US 20 and Lindsay/Utah today in search of breakfast. I am not sure of your local laws on "jaywalking" or what constitutes a legal place for a pedestrian to cross the street, but couldn't find a marked crosswalk anywhere in what is about a two thirds of a mile distance along a wide road, crossing several times until I found a place I wanted to eat.

Are pedestrians supposed to use marked crossings in Idaho Falls? Given there are numerous hotels on both sides of Lindsay, has there ever been a thought to adding some marked ped crossings as amenities? Since only some of the hotels had full restaurants, a guest might spend a little time bumbling back and forth across the street.

Plus, if one is staying on the West side of the street, I hope your visitors get to enjoy your quite excellent trail along the Snake R. I jogged it yesterday afternoon after getting here. Lovely town you have here and I was impressed by the the size of the wind farm we flew over on the descent.

Best wishes,
 Khal Spencer
Los Alamos, NM


JerryM said...

Well... at least they have sidewalks! I've been to similar places where the only way to cross the street to reach a restaurant was to take your rental car.

Khal said...

I was amused by the fact that there were sidewalks but no crosswalks. Its as if they had erected a pedestrian version of the Berlin Wall down the middle of the street.

Never did hear back from them.