Sunday, April 17, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day By Riding Your Bike to PEEC and Leaving the Freakin' Car Home

Carol Clark reminds us that PEEC is once again hosting an Earth Day Celebration. It will be Saturday, the 23rd.  I've gotten quite jaded by the number of cars I see parked at our major destinations on Earth Day, proving once again that cognitive dissonance is alive and well. (examples here and here)..

If anyone is interested in getting a minimum of 20-30 or more people on bikes, preferrably commuter-style bikes, to meet somewhere downtown and do a parade run through PEEC, I'm game. A commuter bike, for present purposes, is anything on two wheels you can use to ride to a physical destination that you have to go to (work, shopping, home, the dentist, somewhere other than where you are, etc). So if all you have is a pure racing steed, hang a flashlight on the handlebars for the day. I think I have a spare headlight I can loan someone.

Any bike is potentially a commuter bike rather than a car rooftop trophy. Just add human and backpack, if needed.

From a past Bike to Work Day

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