Thursday, October 26, 2023

Tentative Temporary Closure of Rail Trail near St. Michaels for Geotechnical Work Towards the Tunnel Project

This is a heads-up for the Santa Fe Rail Trail closure at St. Michael’s Drive, 2nd Street and Siringo Rd TENTATIVELY scheduled from 10/30 through 11/10, 2023. This may change a bit as the city, consultant, and state are still working out some details.

The city consultants working on the St. Michael’s Drive-Rail Trail Underpass Project will be conducting geological auger boring for subsurface sampling, which is needed for designing the tunnel project.

Although there will not be any construction or demolition for this work, the Rail Trail @ St. Mike’s, 2nd Street and Siringo Rd needs to be closed during drilling operations for safety reason (see map for location). A truck mounted drill rig, CME 55 (see photo), will be driven over the designated boring locations and drill down at desired depths, blocking parts of the trail.

 The detour is pretty much what it was a couple months ago, using W. San Mateo, Calle Lorca, and Siringo to loop around the construction.  


Friday, September 8, 2023

League of American Bicyclists Solicits Your Input on Santa Fe's Bicycle Friendly Community Renewal

 Posted per Amelia Neptune of the LAB.


Thank you again for applying to have Santa Fe recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community!

Now that the Fall 2023 application deadline has passed, the BFC review process is officially underway. We look forward to working with you in the coming months as we review your community's application materials.

To help us gain a better understanding of local bicyclists' experiences in your community, we would greatly appreciate your help distributing the following public survey link so that bicyclists in your community can provide their input as well.

Public Survey Link:

Please distribute this link as broadly as possible to residents and local area bicyclists.  See our tips and resources for promoting your survey.  We will also be sharing the survey with our network of local bike advocates, including those identified on your application, as well as to League members in your area.

The survey will remain open through Friday, October 20th.

This survey is open to anyone familiar with bicycling in your community, including those involved in submitting your BFC application. (Everyone receiving this email is encouraged to complete the survey and to share it broadly!) While strongly encouraged, distributing this survey link is not required.  

This survey is meant to provide context for our review team's decision-making process, as well as valuable feedback for you directly from bicyclists in your community. Anonymous aggregate survey results will be included in your feedback materials later this year.  More information about the public survey can be found here.


Sunday, August 27, 2023

So what do we do about the Rail Trail closure?


Trail closure just south of St. Michael's Drive, looking south

The Rail Trail in Santa Fe is what could quite correctly be called the most important "bicycle arterial" in the city of Santa Fe. It provides connectivity to the Chamiso Trail as well as its own connections to the south end of Santa Fe, including housing and commercial activities on Zia and beyond, and the cinder trail all the way from Rabbit Road to Lamy. I think closing it without a plan socialized to the public is incredibly thoughtless or possibly, shows an incredible stovepiping of government.

 The issue is, a developer is doing serious digging just south of St Michael's Drive that likely has to do with the Cerro del Norte subdivision, and the Rail Trail is shut down for what looks like a month as the excavation and construction goes right through it. Seems odd, don't you think, that no one bothered to set out a well marked detour for bicyclists and pedestrians or consider the importance of the trail to users as part of a traffic control plan? After all, there are huge, practically glow in the dark signs directing motorists around the West Alameda Washout detour. Or are bicyclists and pedestrians irrelevant?

True to form, since government dropped the ball, people have pounded out a dirt trail in the space between the construction zone and the Rail Runner tracks. It isn't pretty, but I rode down there as I saw one walker headed toward the closure (photo above) and he was followed by about four others, one on a bike and the others on foot.

The newly pounded down dirt path around the construction zone, running along the rail tracks, photo looking north.

Well, here is one suggestion, courtesy of Tim Rogers. For southbound cyclists, ride the Rail Trail southbound to the Second Street crossing. Turn left onto W San Mateo (the street name changes at the Railrunner tracks). Make the first right, barely a tenth of a mile if that, onto Calle Llorca. Take Llorca past St. Michaels Drive to Siringo, turn right, jog about a tenth of a mile back to the Rail Trail/Chamisa Trail crossing and keep going. For northbound cyclists, do the reverse. 

 Just don't ride too close to parked cars on Llorca. I tried the route today. Works fine. Holler if you discover problems, such as the buried loop detectors on Llorca not seeing a bicyclist.  I think that road should be posted with signage showing that suddenly, a lot of cyclists will be there.

 Now, if the city would get with the program and have its various departments communicate with each other, we might not have such surprises.

Green line is the Rail Trail. I've penned in the detour in red. Chamisa trail split is just south of Siringo.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Fatal Hit & Run Go Fund Me


Perhaps you heard about the cyclist, Nathan Gray, killed by a hit and run driver on Old Pecos Trail on August 1st. Editorial here.

Apparently his family is suffering financial hardships on top of everything else. Someone has set up a Go Fund Me page for them.


Monday, June 26, 2023

Beware of Large Grey Vehicles on a Neutral Background

 I was headed home from the Plaza Pride celebration on Saturday. Got to the stop sign at the end of West San Francisco where it meets Paseo de Peralta, looked both ways while slowly moving forward, preparing to make the left and continue onto Camino de las Crucitas. That left turn from W. San Francisco can be a PIA in busy traffic. So, not seeing a vehicle, I jumped and started into the intersection while again looking both ways a second time. 

Whoops! Somehow, a large grey SUV on my left escaped my first notice. The motorist quickly slowed as I also hit both brakes, fortunately being Avid BB-7 disks. I brought the bicycle to a stop with the rear wheel a couple feet off the pavement, stabilized with my right foot on the ground, slightly to the right of the SUV's line of travel.

Needless to say we were both startled. I waved him by and apologized for my oversight. No harsh words or fickle fingers of hate were expended.

 Whew. Check twice, proceed once. Going through the same intersection today, I noticed a large bush on my left that screens some of Peralta, given it is a curve. I think that explains my goof. I looked to my left before I cleared a line of sight past the shrubbery! Remember, when it comes to staying alive in traffic, all the details matter!

Note the car about to disappear from my camera's line of sight as it enters the part of the right lane screened by the foliage.


Don't ever let a flag hit the ground. I almost made that mistake.
And dear NMDoT. I'll pass on more shrubbery.


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Charles Pelkey Needs a Little Help


 Copying the text below from the Go Fund Me page. Might be time to help out a little. I did. 

In addition to his contributions to Le Tour coverage with Maddogmedia's Patrick O'Grady (those "Live Update Guy" funsies), Charles Pelkey, has been among other things, an editor at Velo News, a bike racer, often on NPR discussing the legalities (or lack thereof) of doping in pro bike racing, a legislator in Wyoming, and is a practicing attorney. 

So here is the elevator pitch, with a hat tip to David Stanley.

Charles Pelkey needs a little help

"I’m David Stanley and our good friend Charles Pelkey needs a little help. The Live Update Guy, the courageous cycling journalist, our compassionate friend – he is in the fight of his life. 
As many know, Charles is a breast cancer survivor. However, over the last 6 months, Charles has been struggling with massive circulatory issues. CP has not been able to work for the last 6 months. In addition, he has gone through 4 major arterial and vascular surgeries which total nearly 25 hours in the OR. 
While Charles has medical insurance, it’s all the other expenses that have been staggering. As a result, the family home is in jeopardy. That’s why, with CP’s permission, I ask each of you who has been touched by Charles as a friend or cyclist or colleague or reader of his work to make a contribution. Whether you can give $5 or $500, please think seriously and help out our friend in a most dire time."