Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Charles Pelkey Needs a Little Help


 Copying the text below from the Go Fund Me page. Might be time to help out a little. I did. 

In addition to his contributions to Le Tour coverage with Maddogmedia's Patrick O'Grady (those "Live Update Guy" funsies), Charles Pelkey, has been among other things, an editor at Velo News, a bike racer, often on NPR discussing the legalities (or lack thereof) of doping in pro bike racing, a legislator in Wyoming, and is a practicing attorney. 

So here is the elevator pitch, with a hat tip to David Stanley.

Charles Pelkey needs a little help

"I’m David Stanley and our good friend Charles Pelkey needs a little help. The Live Update Guy, the courageous cycling journalist, our compassionate friend – he is in the fight of his life. 
As many know, Charles is a breast cancer survivor. However, over the last 6 months, Charles has been struggling with massive circulatory issues. CP has not been able to work for the last 6 months. In addition, he has gone through 4 major arterial and vascular surgeries which total nearly 25 hours in the OR. 
While Charles has medical insurance, it’s all the other expenses that have been staggering. As a result, the family home is in jeopardy. That’s why, with CP’s permission, I ask each of you who has been touched by Charles as a friend or cyclist or colleague or reader of his work to make a contribution. Whether you can give $5 or $500, please think seriously and help out our friend in a most dire time."

Monday, January 2, 2023

Bike Santa Fe Mechanics Classes start 1/3, at Rob and Charlie's Bike Shop


Reposting here. If you think you need to learn more about how to maintain your two wheeler, please read on! You don't have to be able to fix bikes on the fly from a car during the Tour de France, but being able to do quick fixes in the garage or on the road is a valuable skill.


Bike Santa Fe mechanics classes will start Tuesday January 3rd, 6:30 pm at Rob and Charlie's bike shop, 1632 St. Michael's Drive. The schedule is:

Tuesday January 3rd
First class: Flat prevention and repair. Learn how to prevent flats and fix one. We will cover patching and replacing tubes.

Tuesday January 10th
Second class: Shifters and derailleurs. How to adjust shifters and derailleurs, setting limit screws and adjusting cable tension.

Tuesday January 17th
Third class: Brakes, how to adjust road caliper, V-brakes and cantilever brakes. We cover compatibility with brake levers, and briefly discuss disc brakes.

Tuesday January 24th
Forth class: Drivetrains and bearings. We cover chain wear, replacing cassettes and chainrings, and adjusting bearings. You will get to use a chain tool in this class.

Sign up by E-mailing

Bring your bike to these classes. Hopefully we will have a wide array of bikes to work on.

cost is $10 per class, $30 for all four. 

Bike Santa Fe
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PO Box 6181, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Proud recipients of a 2019 Kiwanis Foundation Zozobra grant




Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Frank Ortiz Dog Park Is No Place for Trail Riding

Annie endorses this message

 A week or so ago, I noted two signs in the Frank Ortiz Dog Park, both located in the main parking area, indicating no bicycling allowed on the dog park land. I contacted the city Parks and Recreation Dept, which authorized the signage. P&R put me in contact with the Dog Park Project.

Turns out there have been some recent and unpleasant interactions between bicyclists, dogs, and dog people. In one, mentioned to me by a pair of dog walkers, a bicyclist dressed down a dog person because the person's dog was off leash; the cyclist apparently not aware that this is a leash-optional park. In another case mentioned by the Dog Park Project, a bicyclist kicked a dog that ran up to and possibly interfered with the bicyclist.

I've been in contact with the Dog Park Project on this and endorse the restrictions. Bicycling among numerous off leash dogs belonging to other people can lead to unintended and potentially harmful consequences to both dogs and riders. There is no reason to risk this as there is a vast bike park, La Tierra Trails, just a stone's throw away and in fact trail access to La Tierra Trails is available just to the north, across Camino de las Crucitas, from the smaller dog park parking lot.

So the signage and restrictions are not to guard anyone's turf, but a prudent safety precaution. Please observe these controls. There are many, many great places for off road riding in and around Santa Fe. The Dog Park is not one of them. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Narrow single lane roads leading to and from Las Campanas: bicycle vs. eighteen wheeler

Tip of the brain bucket to Patrick O'Grady in return for once again pilfering his comic.

Monday, 26 Sept., 2022

To: Anna Hansen, Dist. 2 Commissioner (I think this is your district!)

    Erick Aune, SFMPO
    Ken Love, LCOA Board President
    Tom Van Berkem, LCOA Board Vice President

RE: narrow, single lane roadways leading in and out of Las Campanas

Dear Commissioner Hansen, LCOA Board leadership Love and Van Berkem, and MPO Officer Aune

Greetings and good day.

I've often been a little curious as to why the main roads leading in and out of Las Campanas (Camino La Tierra and Las Campanas Drive) often revert to a narrow single lane divided roadway with no shoulders and abrupt dropoffs. While this may seem like an interesting and somewhat aggressive form of traffic calming, it makes life interesting for bicyclists and motorists trying to safely negotiate around each other.

This loop is somewhat popular with bicyclists, given the number I see out there. As I live right near the north side of Santa Fe, it is one of my recreational bike loops.  When riding out your way, I normally try to shade as far right as I can when being overtaken to assist those who wish to pass but even then, with the lack of shoulder and often a sharp dropoff into a ditch, it is a little bit of a dance for the bicyclist and motorist but we make do.

Today, I briefly thought I was going to be hit and killed, hence this letter. Riding back from Las Campanas on one of those single lane, divided sections of Camino La Tierra after the Las Campanas Drive merge (location corrected from original email to the above folks) around 11:30, give or take ten minutes or so, I heard the toot of a horn behind me. I started to wave back but before I knew it, I quickly grabbed the handlebars with both hands as I was, without further warning, being passed by a full size 18 wheeler flatbed tractor trailer with very little room to spare and no way for me to look back to see how wide the flatbed might be. The truck driver apparently was not willing to wait till I could move over or for that matter find a wider section of road. This is not pleasant.

I was on the Transportation Board in Los Alamos for about 14 years, chair or vice chair for much of that time, working with county council and our public works department. I cannot imagine ever approving such a design as a "complete street". I am really curious as to how this design was approved, and whether when inevitably, someone gets killed out there, if anyone will ask the right questions.

Sincerely, and thank you for reading,

Khalil J. Spencer

Santa Fe, NM 87501

League of American Bicyclists Bicycling Instructor #1173
Los Alamos County Transportation Board, 2003-2017
Currently vice-Chair, Santa Fe Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee but speaking for myself, not with my committee hat on.

 Note added 10/2/2022. Someone left a comment that these roads are actually private roads. I suppose if they are, it is fair game to the Campanas community on how they are constructed. I'd be interested if someone could leave a comment as to where this information, i.e., that these are private roads, is documented, and pardon my ignorance if that is the case. I was surprised to read this as at least Camino la Tierra provides access to Old Buckman Rd. and BLM land.

Note added 10/3. The Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization has confirmed these are county roads, not private roads.


A typical section, but visualize this with a full size tractor trailer passing you. Photo courtesy of Google Maps


Monday, August 15, 2022

Virtual Meeting To Discuss the St. Michael's Crossing Tunnel for the Rail Trail, 30 August

 Hi folks. If you have any interest in improving the functionality of the Santa Fe Rail Trail and eliminating that heart-in-your-throat crossing during heavy traffic, please attend this meeting. Its virtual, so not like you even have to go anywhere. 

Here is the direct registration link


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Bicyclist Hit On NM-4 Between Bandelier Entrance and Back Gate


This from yesterday's Los Alamos Reporter. Scant details so far. If you are on the Pajarito Riders list, that's another good place to check for updates if anyone saw anything. Or the Daily Post.

Be careful out there.



UPDATE: State Road 4 has reopened

New Mexico State Police, Los Alamos Police Department and Los Alamos Fire Department have responded to a traffic accident involving a vehicle and a bicyclist on State Route 4 between the Bandelier Campground and the LANL back gate.

That section of the road is expected to be closed for about two hours while the NMSP Crash Team conducts their investigation, however, State Route 4 to the Jemez remains open.

The cyclist has been transported by helicopter and no other information is available at this time.

LANL officials alerted employees to an LAPD request that they avoid the area.