Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 Santa Fe Century Moving to Railyard and Moving to October--Save the Date


  I got an email today from the Santa Fe Century folks saying that in order to try to ensure that this year's Century Ride is not cancelled due to the pandemic, the Santa Fe Century folks are moving it to October 10th. Stay tuned, as this is somewhat up in the air due to situations obviously beyond our control. Also, according to the email, it is moving to the Railyard. That is awesome for me, as I can simply ride from home to the start/finish, saving at least some CO2 emitted from my car as would happen if I schlepped myself in the gas guzzler down to SFCC. That said, there are not acres and acres of parking at the Railyard so if you live here, please ride to the start and leave Old Belchfire home!

Stay tuned. Stay safe. Stay riding!