Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kill With a Car, and Victims Don't Even Get "Thoughts and Prayers"?

Used with past permissions, i.e., this time I didn't ask

  Sent to Mayor Webber and Councilors Lindell, Villarreal, and Coppler

Someone, anyone, please explain this travesty to me. Cruise down the road while allegedly talking on the cell phone and kill someone. Whoopsie! You get what looks like a free pass.

So is Marco Serna running for Congress so he can do as good a job in DC as he is doing in the DA’s office? That’s choice.

And, of course, the guy who got himself and his son killed was, according to this article, doing almost twice the posted speed limit on St. Francis Drive. He isn’t around for charges to be filed and his kid is in the Hereafter rather than late for school. That’s a lesson all parents should think about.

All well-deserved sarcasm towards certain public institutions aside, people (and society) take driving for granted rather than thinking about the risks they are imposing on others. We do so damn little to fight that complacency.

Got yer man card yet?
Back to “thoughts and prayers”. That “Consider Your Man Card Reissued” Bushmaster selling pitch made me want to vomit and has contributed to efforts to ban these "weapons of war". But what about “Closed Course, Professional Driver, Don’t Try This At Home”? Some ads are so bad they have been banned abroad. Driving is serious business done with other people around. Take it seriously.

Scrooge’s famous retort in Christmas Carol is getting to be one of my favorites after reading the morning paper: I’ll retire to Bedlam,

Khal Spencer

Current Member, BTAC and longtime Transportation Board Chair in Los Alamos, speaking for myself Santa Fe, NM