Friday, March 14, 2008

Bike to Work Day?

Is anyone interested in working on Bike to Work Day (middle of May)? If so, the work must get started soon.

I spoke to Pete Maggiore about Northwind once again being a co-sponsor and he was very positive. But it takes more than a few folks to get this off the ground.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't LANL have an official bike to work day? It'd be great to extend it into a Town/school bike-to-work day.

Actually, what'd be fun (if sort of silly) would be a little Critical Mass downtown ;-) Or a circuit race around Ashley Pond.

Khal said...

In the past LANL had a bike to work day but the work is all volunteer work. LANL and other local businesses supplied food, money, and swag. Given the deafening chorus of volunteers offering to help so far, not sure we can pull it of.

Khal said...

Via Mad Dog Media:

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