Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mother of all Bike Slang pages?

Neale and I recently taught a Road I course. The LAB booklet had a page or two of bike slang. This web page has it all....


Anonymous said...

fish lure
n. used derisively. rider dressed in bright spandex. usually riding two abreast. always a source for scorn.

Anonymous said...

interesting concept:

Neale said...

Examining the data, he found that when he wore his helmet, motorists passed by 8.5 centimeters (3.35 inches) closer than when his head was bare. He had increased his risk of an accident by donning safety gear.

What was the average passing distance? If it were 4 feet (typical for these studies) that's 48 inches vs. 44.65 inches.

Also this sentence assumes that the missing 3.35 inches causes more crashes. In fact a full half of all bike crashes don't even involve another vehicle, it's just the cyclist going down on their own.

This article (and, I presume, study) says nothing about the effectiveness of the helmet in a crash.

Lastly, check out this article, which was just forwarded to me yesterday by Albert Hsu (thanks Albert).

Please keep wearing your helmets. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Figures lie and liars figure. You can get any result you want from any study. Wear your helmet if you want to, but allow others to make their own decision.

Neale said...

It's not my place (or yours) to "allow" anyone to make their own decisions.

Wearing a helmet doesn't keep you from crashing: take my Road I class to learn those skills. What a helmet does is help protect your brain when all else fails.

Anonymous said...

I don't need your road course. I have over 40 years of riding safely. I wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle, but I don't go on the helmet jihad when I see someone not wearing one. It is your place to stop with all the helmet BS and let people make their own decision. If someone showed up for your course without one, would you let them take the course?

You have initials at the end of your name which were granted by an organization that benefits from equipment manufacturers. They in turn benefit from helmet laws and acolytes that preach the helmet gospel. They also profit from equipment pushed by people like yourself that is made under conditions that US law and labor unions would never tolerate. You are not enlightened about what is best for others on a bike, you are part of the machine. The sad part is, you don't even realize it as you upbraid any one who chooses not to wear a helmet.

Make helmets optional for your course. Allow others to make their own choice.

Khal said...

Neale and I cannot teach a LAB sanctioned course and make it helmet-optional since we don't make the rules for the course, LAB does. Likewise, just about any sactioned organized century ride or USCF or ACA race requires a helmet, in part to reduce their liability. Lifetime costs of a traumatic brain injury are in six figures and the lawsuit would be worse.

Do what you want on your own time, "anonymous" but if you are in a sanctioned event, you gotta obey the rules. Keep the rubber side down, and enjoy your ride!

Anonymous said...

That proves my point. Do you think equipment manufacturers support these "rules" and the groups that impose them because they care about you?

I always enjoy my ride, even when some arrogant helmet nazi makes one of those stupid "where's your helmet" comments. Dude, I'm riding a bike not getting shot out of a canon.

Likewise, do as you please and allow others to do so without the helmet harping. Enjoy your ride.

Neale said...

The only one harping about anything is you, anonymous. So far you've complained about equipment manufacturers, the bike league, all LCIs, me in particular, other dudes who wear helmets, foreign working conditions, and possibly helmet laws and the Road I course.

Perhaps there are more effective ways to make your voice heard about so many issues than posting anonymously on a small town bicycling blog.

Khal said...

I don't recall harping or ranting about helmets, at least recently. I certainly advise anyone riding a bike to wear a helmet. I think that's my First Amendment right. And, longevity in the saddle might correlate with more competent riding, but does not rule out a head injury.

I personally think states can mandate helmets just as they mandate seat belts, but that's up to the state. As a Board member, I personally argued that the Bicycle Coalition of NM NOT support a cycling helmet law for adult cyclists due to the strong objections by many cyclists such as yourself. The BCNM indeed did not testify in favor of a proposed law.

I think it is up to individual organizations to set rules for their events. Helmet rules in cycling events are near-universal in the US.

As far as my comment proving your point, that doesn't follow. If anyone pushes helmet requirements for races and rides it is the organizations and their insurance companies. Sure, helmet companies would love to see helmets sold. But when I was president of a statewide cycling organization for several years, we were never lobbied by a helmet firm.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. You've never mentioned to any one, in any fashion, at any time to wear a helmet.

I just find the whole "cyclist" thing a little stupid. Few things meet the level of absurd as the very notion of a certified bicycle instructor. Few things are as ridiculous as the idea of a formal class on riding a bike. Here's a bike. Point it that way. Let's see, did I forget anything? Oh yeh, this is the brake and this is how you use it. Enjoy the ride.

I would keep my comments to myself, but I guess I'm on my own jihad now. If you want to parade around in a clown suit, with plastic on your head, go for it. Just leave the rest of us in street clothes going about daily life alone. I've toured on bikes. I've used them for years as my basic transportation. The last thing I'm ready to tolerate any more is some spandex wearing, bucket head "cyclist" asking me with disdain where is my helmet. I was riding bikes while most of you were still filling diapers.

There, my rant is done. I feel like I should wipe. I enjoy the small town blog. If I can get one, what did you call it, a LCI, to lighten up and let others just ride bikes, I've accomplished my jihad. Looks like you're the local target. Enjoy your ride.

Neale said...

This obviously isn't going to be a rational conversation. Have fun with your strawman.

Amy said...

Well, say what you like about not wearing helmets. After seeing my mother-in-law fall off of a bike and crack her helmet against the ground, which would have resulted in an ER trip otherwise, I don't think it has much to do with how people in cars treat bicyclists with or without helmets. Everyone falls off of their bike at some point, even at a standstill, and you might as well protect your noggin.

But all this talk of conspiracy is getting to me. I think I'm going to run and wrap my helmet in tin foil...hopefully keep out alien mind-readers...and junk. And hey, this blog is coming up in the world if you guys are getting trolled! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Now we're getting somewhere. You've signed off your own blog. Blogs aren't meant to be rational. They are a place to post opinions, rants, lies and bigger lies. Sorry if I hurt your feelings

Khal said...

No, anonymous. Just a matter of not wanting to waste time with an angry old man who doesn't want to sign his name.

steely said...


This blog is dead. A post hasn't had more than two replies in months. Just thought I'd spice things up a bit. If it wasn't at least a little fun, we wouldn't have made it to 15 replies.

Do as you please on a bike. Just lighten up a little. You guys take yourselves a little too seriously.

I'm actually young, not angry, and wear a helmet on the motorcycle and mountain bike. I just don't go around acting like I know everything because I've been riding for 40 years. I've taught several people to ride bikes. My eight year old son is quite accomplished on a bike. It's a joy to watch his confidence grow when he does things like rides from the movies to White Rock at night doing all the right things.

Just having a little fun.

Khal said...

More power to you, Steely.

Yeah, its easy to take ones's self too seriously in a city of coneheads. I'll try to keep that in mind. Its tough in BombTown.

The point of an LCI teaching certificate, from the League's point of view, is to ensure anyone teaching their course passes muster with them. That's normal enough for any organization--Red Cross, public school districts, etc. From my point of view, it means a lawyer and an insurance policy guarding my back in lawsuit-happy America if someone falls down, gets hurt, and blames me.

I think there is good justification for teaching folks to ride better, smarter, and safer if they want to try to get all that info in a big gulp (8 hrs) rather than learning as they ride.

Sure, its not rocket science. But I was down at Bike N Sport today and one person came in saying she didn't knonw how to change a flat. That's gotta make you nervious when you are riding the Bandelier Loop. There are things we all learn in decades of riding we can share. This is simply a one-stop shopping opportunity to do it. For example: effective braking, basic maintenance, how to countersteer when turning at speed, how to fit a helmet properly, etc.

But all voluntary. Neale and I don't go around with a press gang, get folks drunk, and bop them over the head.

Have a great day.

Amy said...

This was "fun?" riiiight... I'm going to go and redefine my idea of fun now...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if your skin is a little thin, the internet and blogs aren't the right place for you.


I have to admit I don't understand Bomb Town and the overwhelming need to formalize any kind of instruction. I guess it just goes with the educational background of so many here. It's a shame lawyers and insurance companies stand between you and sharing your bike knowledge. Perhaps less formal settings would allow for biking as I think it's meant to be. I've ridden with a few other local groups and it seems the term "liability" is always just under the surface.

Maybe we should use press gangs on lawyers.


Amy said...

Oh, give me a break. I know you're here to just stir stuff up, but I think that you're the one who needs to chill a little here.

The reason why the League educates people to become LCI's is to make it easier to get that information out there. Otherwise we'd have everyone riding down the sidewalk, if they were only listening to their daddies. The League provides insurance to their LCI's so that they can do the classes - most venues require insurance to borrow their rooms in order to teach the classes.

And yeah, if people weren't so sue- happy then maybe we wouldn't need insurance. But I think that knowing that you're getting some kind of road knowledge from someone who's actually studied it a little is better than hoping that your neighborhood Spandex expert knows what he's talking about.

Oh yeah, and I'm getting my LCI certification too! So I'll be out there press-ganging with Neale and Khal before long! woo! pressgangs!! or something!

And...that's the last time I'm coming to this page...

Anonymous said...

Darn. I was just getting to like you.