Monday, July 21, 2008

Tour de Los Alamos, 2008

Well, the local Tour seemed to go off without many hitches yesterday and I don't think anyone was perp-walked to the Bastille for doping. There was the usual confusion among the out of town motorists at the Large Intestine, including one guy who railed at me to the effect that we had a lot of nerve collecting tolls (!?). However, with LANL providing a separate thru lane for cyclists, the route though the Lower GI was pretty uneventful.

One of these days I'll ride it again instead of doing my bad imitation of a traffic cop at the Vehicle Access Portals.

Thanks to all who helped bring this off. I'd personally like to thank John Turner for his role as Director Sportif and LANS for its higher level of support at the VAPs. John will be leaving us for greener pastures shortly.

Hopefully the 2008 results will be posted on line soon at the usual T d LA site:

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