Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Conchas Fire

Not much to say here from Santa Fe except what I hear from elsewhere. If you are interested in updates, please follow Greg Kendall's Los Alamos County Views site or KRSN (webcast link below). Greg is working the local radio station, KRSN AM 1490, which webcasts. Inciweb is a good place for fire information.

Be safe out there, and pray for rain and no wind. Right now we got plenty of the opposite. When this is all over, we have to do something really great for the fire, police, National Guard, LANL Emergency Ops crews, and all the other county, state, and Federal civil servants who have been holding back a pretty hellish fire. (and who sez we don't need no government services...). Just kidding, Steve...obviously, these are essential ones.

Finally, a tip of the water bucket to Greg Kendall, the volunteers, and the KRSN station owners David and Gillian Sutton for the tremendous effort they have put into keeping us all in the loop in these scary times. We need to make sure they get their building permits!

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