Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bon Voyage, Steve Jobs

This old Apple ad sums it up best. Let's apply the same thinking to transportation.


For further coverage, see the story in The Onion


Little Jimmy said...

Yeah, totally not bike related, but It's the end of an era. I started my newspaper career writing stories on the very first MacIntosh, a weird little beige box with a tiny screen and a tiny keyboard. It had a floppy drive that accommodated a single disk with 400 kilobytes of storage—a huge amount in those days! The system software only took up something like 250 Kb. We used that computer to put out a newspaper (writing, layout, everything), to play games and to write term papers. It changed our lives somehow.

I think when (if) mankind looks back at its history in about 100 years, people will recognize that Steve Jobs and his vision were game changers much in the same way as Edison, Marconi, Farnsworth and Pasteur were. I feel fortunate to have been around to see it from the beginning and I am sad now to see it end. As the man himself, said, however, death clears the way for the newcomers and new innovation.

Thanks for the memories.

Khal said...

My wife wrote her M.S. thesis and developed countless teaching documents on that same little MacIntosh. Its touched a lot of our lives.

If there is a lesson for us as cyclists, its to not be afraid to think outside the box.

Steve A said...

I think the Edison comparison is weak. Edison was much more like many that worked for Jobs over the years than like Jobs himself. I'd go for a Henry Ford comparison, however. I feel fortunate that I bought my Apple stock before he came back.

I'm not so comforted that Jobs was seven months younger than me.