Saturday, October 22, 2011

What bike lane???

Cars were parked everywhere during yesterday's athletic event at the golf course

From my morning LA Monitor tickler.
Young girl hit by vehicle near golf course Friday

An SUV struck a girl in a crosswalk on Diamond Drive near the Los Alamos Golf Course Friday afternoon.

Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Brian Nickerson said the accident occurred about 4:10 p.m. and the girl, reported to be a young adolescent, was taken to Los Alamos Medical Center with what appeared to be moderate injuries.

"It was a fairly serious accident," Nickerson said.

Los Alamos Police Chief Wayne Torpy said his officers are investigating the cause of the accident.
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I was wondering what all the commotion was about. By the time I rode by, there was no one down in the street. Also wondering why the bike lane suddenly became an optional and chaotic parking lot. But when everybody in the county decides to drive their private vehicle to the golf course to cheer on the team, its not surprising you would have chaotic parking and the occasional crash or two. Rush hour vs ped crossing on Trinity can't be much better.

I don't object to occasionally giving over the bike lane to parked cars, county law as told to me by Kyle notwithstanding, but worry about cyclists getting doored or hitting a pedestrian. Support for the local athletics must be balanced by good planning. Lesson learned, I guess.

Next time we have a big athletic event at the golf course that results in heavy parking impeding the bike lanes, heavy ped traffic along the bike lanes, and heavy traffic, I wonder if we need to have better traffic controls in place in advance, such as signage WARNING, ATHLETIC EVENT AHEAD, and WARNING, BIKES IN THE ROAD.

or how about:

Might have to get an MUTCD waiver for that one.

Infrastructure can't do it all by itself. We have to help.

Hope the girl is OK. Helluva way to start the weekend out, i.e., in a hospital bed.

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Steve A said...

Regardless of the details, let's pray the girl winds up OK and not like one of the crosses like the motorcyclists in your previous post.