Sunday, November 20, 2011

Red Kite Prayer

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I had not heard of this site, but it looks like an interesting one. No site that opens with a picture of a mud spattered Bernard Hinault riding a Paris-Roubaix can be ignored.

Besides, the owner has hired on Charles Pelkey, who, if you recall, found out he had cancer about the same time he found out that he had gotten the boot ride (i.e., "laid off") from VeloNews. Charles is a fine writer and his Live Update Guy site continues to grace the web. I guess some of his work, including The Explainer, will be moved to RKP. Owner Padraig tells us "... I’m not doing this to make my job easier, I’m doing it to make RKP better. In barest terms, this is a chance to stand up for quality..."

What a breath of fresh air in the stale halls of U.S. corporate decadence.

Patrick Brady, the RKP site owner, says this: "And that name? It came from a bit of code I liked to use with friends. My favorite moment in a race comes after passing the banner for the final kilometer—the red kite—and at some point you’ll see every rider look straight down. That look says something of their effort. Whether it’s Cavendish on his way to his sixth win of the week or some guy about to finish DFL on a mountain stage of the Giro, nearly everyone does it. It unites us; that look says volumes about how we each have something in reserve, how going hard is more than just legs, how our greatest efforts teach us about ourselves.
That attitude applies to far more than cycling, to be sure.It applies to Charles Pelkey's ongoing fight against cancer and each of our efforts in the daily Tour de Life in these hard times.  So I'll add this link to the list of stuff to read and look forward to dear reader's reviews. And thanks and a tip of the brain bucket to Patrick O'Grady for giving us a heads up.

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