Saturday, June 1, 2013

Air Quality in the Jemez is sketchy

 I rode the BMW across the Jemez this afternoon to a point above La Cueva on NM126. The air is a little smoky as you climb up to the Jemez on NM4. The worst of it right now is in the Caldera itself, which is literally a bowl of smoke and gets bad as you descend into the caldera. You can barely see Redondo. The fire is on the back side, away from you, and pumping smoke up and over the top.

Once you clear the caldera, the air got much better and was almost normal by the time I got to Las Conchas. Mind you, I have no idea what it will look like in the morning--the winds or lack thereof can change where the smoke is headed. If you are asthma prone, as I am, proceed with caution. I'll have to remember my inhaler.

Thompson Ridge Fire as seen on NM-4 at Winter Road, just E of La Cueva, 1530

Fire photographed from NM126 a few miles north of La Cueva, 1540

Walking the dogs along the edge of North Mesa at 1815

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