Friday, March 4, 2016

God Damn The Drunken Man

Here we go again. 
Maybe this time the Greybar Hotel?
One member of Santa Fe's Seniors on Bikes (SoB) and a Tucson cyclist are dead, another SoB badly injured, and several riders left with less serious injuries after a group of SOB and Tucson cyclists were hit from behind (while in the bike lane) while stopped at a red light in Tucson, where the SOBs were vacationing. A motorist is being held on DWI, multiple manslaughter, and a host of other charges.

Recalling that old Steppenwolf song. It is certainly, to be sure, not for me to damn someone, but these stories happen all too often. Its easy to get really, really, angry...

Stories here (New Mexican) and here (Arizona Daily Star). I heard from Lynn Pickard that folks can check the SoB Blog for periodic updates.

If you drink and drive, or know someone who does. Stop it. Now.

In the bigger picture, DWI is only one form of violence people perpetrate senselessly on others. Gun violence, road design violence, distracted driving/narcissistic behavior violence, etc. Hard to know where to start pushing back on all of it. If you can't handle technology, don't own it.

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