Monday, March 21, 2016

Roundabout Petition

Joel Williams asked if I would provide this link, which goes to a petition critical of the roundabout, to bike folks, should you want to express an opinion.

have many of your LABikes blog people signed the petition?

Here is the access point with those signing so far shown, unless requesting their name not be shown.
To sign the on-line petition. click here

Meanwhile, John Hooker, President of BCNM, sends this.

Note that my objections are less with the roundabout but with the piecemeal way we throw large amounts of money at things with little evidence of comprehensive planning or prioritization. For example, has anyone looked at the condition of the pavement on Diamond lately? That the old Smith's is an empty hulk while Smith's/Kroeger has gotten a virtual monopoly on the east side of town? That much of Trinity is an eyesore?

Los Alamos seems to be more about short term stovepiped thinking and opportunistically spending "Other People's Money" (i.e., state and Fed funds, which is, of course someone's tax money or bond) than making sure the town works.  I don't think a roundabout on the entrance to town will be a bad thing. I do think what people see afterwards will be a bit of a let-down.

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