Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On the need for a Cyclist Blog for Los Alamos

Would a cyclist-oriented blog be useful for the cycling community in Los Alamos?

Here are some of the purposes that could be served by this blog:
  • Discussion of safe cycling practices and issues affecting the Los Alamos cycling community
  • Announcements of local events
  • Creation of a communication and/or social network for the LA cycling community, covering the range of cycling activities (transportation, exercise, on-road, off-road, etc)
  • Links to site of interest to cyclists, e.g. cyclist education, gear & clothing, training, etc.

The advantage of using Blogger for this purpose is that it provides a public forum for discussion in a way that interested parties can easily access and participate in real-time.

Please post your feedback on this idea.


Scott Doebling


Neale said...

I don't know if it will take off or not. I guess we can start with the meager goal of having a central location for our own musings, then see who shows up. When I tried to start something similar a few years ago, I think I was trying to do too much all at once, and nobody cared.

Blogger seems an entirely appropriate place to host this. Thanks for setting it up.

Scott Doebling said...

Well, we can start by bringing our e-mail discussions over here and see what happens. I am ready to open it up to the public anytime once you guys (Khal, Lisa, etc) think that I should.

Khal said...

Blogs seem to be the wave of the present and they are pretty easy to set up. Launch it and see if it flies.

Scott Doebling said...

OK, the blog is now publicly viewable. Contributors please publish your articles when ready. Guests please contact one of the contributors if you have something to contribute as an article (or simply post your thoughts as a comment)

lisa dougherty said...

I think it is a good idea, but the blog needs publicity. Once local cyclists know about it, I think it can take off. The problem is that none of the cyclists that I know have heard of it.

Any ideas on how to get the word out? Has anyone contacted the Monitor for a blurb in the paper about it or sent a letter to the Readers Forum? Word of mouth should work eventually, but it will take a while.

Scott Doebling said...
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Scott Doebling said...

Lisa - I haven't put any effort at all into promoting the blog yet. Frankly I was embarrassed to do so until there was some content written by someone other than me...

Anyway, I'll go ahead and start spreading the word and we can see what happens. After we get a couple more articles in, I think a letter to the Reader's forum, a small monitor ad, and a banner on the overpass would be easy ways to get pretty good publicity going.