Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Diamond Project Update: Construction Begins April 5, 2007

From the Diamond Project website (see link at right sidebar):


The third request for bids for the Diamond Project - Phase 1 (east of 35th Street to San Ildefonso Road) was advertised on December 4. Four bids were received on January 16. On January 30, Council awarded the construction project to AS Horner. Construction should start no later than April 5 with completion in October 2007.

Phase I includes the rehabilitation of existing pavement through mill and inlay; roadway widening to accommodate continuous bike lanes, turning bays, acceleration / deceleration lanes, tapers, side ditches, curb and gutter; reconstruction of the San Ildefonso roundabout; placement of an underpass near Club Road; construction of a multi-use pathway; storm drains and inlet structures; traffic signing and striping; and, new roadway lighting.


I am preparing a blog entry describing the full Diamond project including pictures of the planned road cross-sections, should have it ready by this weekend - please check back!

-Scott D.


Neale said...

Done by october 2007? That seems awfully fast, but if so, great news! I was thinking something more like 2009, maybe I was thinking of Phase II though.

Scott Doebling said...

Neale - the Oct 2007 completion refers only to Phase I (roundabout to 35th street). Then (nominally) Phase II in 2008 and Phase III in 2009.

Neale said...

Okay, October it is! My wife will be thrilled to hear this, she's got a lot of friends up that way who want to bike more but are intimidated by the current road design.

Henry Bowman said...

If the project is completed by October 2007, it will go down as the first major county project completed on-time in over 15 years. More likely, it will be completed by July 2008.