Friday, March 23, 2007

March Showers

It's not April yet but the showers are here. I love riding in the rain! It's nice and crisp out, nobody's trying to race me in to work, and I dunno, there's just something fun about getting a little wet. In honor of the weather, I present:

Neale's Little Rain Riding List


A commuter bike without fenders is as silly as the headlight stickers on a racecar*. Fenders add a little weight, but in return prevent rocks and sand from beating you and your bike up. Of course in rain they help keep you nice and dry.

Yellow Jacket or Vest

If ever there were a time for yellow clothing, rain riding is it. It's too bright out for lights to really make a difference, but dark enough that your clothes can do wonders to help you stand out.

Rain pants

I've found that if it's a cold rain, my legs get the brunt of it. A pair of waterproof nylon rain pants at home and at work eliminates this problem

Clear or Yellow glasses

If you've never been out in the rain with yellow glasses you are in for a big surprise. I don't know if it actually helps bring back contrast, but it sure looks cool and adds to the fun

Also remember: don't go as fast because you'll take longer to stop, and apply your brakes gently as you ride, to clear water off the rims.

Gear up, get out, and get wet!

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