Monday, June 2, 2008

Bike to work!

It may seem unattractive what with all the construction but let me tell you biking in to work has never been easier. People are being very polite, probably because they've allotted extra time for getting in to work. And coming home is a breeze too, traffic gets so backed up on Conoco hill that I hardly ever exceed a liesurely 9 miles per hour.

In the past I claimed that $4/gal gas wasn't going to convince anybody to change any habits, but it seems I'm being proven wrong. Hop on your bike, it's great!

As promised months ago, here's a cool photo taken in a German town (the name escapes me). It shows the space taken to transport 60 people by car, bus, and bike.

20 cars, 20 bus riders, 20 bicyclists


Khal said...

I have to agree with Neale. I'm riding the Conoco Hill construction zones regularly while riding to work in the morning and have found it quite civilized. As Neale said, traffic is so slow that I am not exactly impeding other traffic, either.

On the other hand, the "back way" home through the Western Areas is a great way to get some added exercise, and I usually go home via that route.

Chrysanthemama said...

Indeed, I have noticed that drivers seem to be slightly more courteous, lately. Also, with the lovely summer weather, mountain bike commuting via the bridges trail is also very nice!

As an aside, I noticed on the previous post that commentors thought there are only two mechanics in town. As a correction, there is a third, high-end bike mechanic in town, Scott Beguin. Some may remember Scott from years ago at Trail Bound, and more recently from the DOME. Despite the fact the DOME no longer operates a retail store, the DOME still exists, and Scott does do bike work by appointment. If you want his cell phone number send me an email via my own blog.

Khal said...

I didn't know Scott was still in business. That's good to hear, although it was sad to lose DOME. Nice people, and certainly convenient to those of us who live on North or Barranca Mesas or the Western Area. Thanks for the note, chrysanthemama.

Khal said...

Bike Ed course next Friday morning at LANL, open to badgeholders. contact Neale or Khal for details.