Sunday, July 6, 2008

Maybe we need some of these signs.

We spent a week on the Maine coast visiting some old friends. The sign on the top and traffic jam on the bottom (seems there were more toy cars than real ones) were on Long Island, which is offshore of Portland in Casco Bay. It is accessable by ferry. The island is about two miles long and a half a mile across, so bikes, shoe leather, golf carts, motorscooters, cars, and other sorts of transportation all work very well. First time in a while a car pulled off so I could walk by on the road. Maybe we need some of that attitude elsewhere.


Ed said...

New Mexico seems to have a very different attitude towards bikes than what I have seen in other regions. The signs here "tell" the bikers to stay to the right, suggesting that bikers are somehow in the way. Elsewhere the signage is more of a caution to motorists that bikes may be on the road.

What are the odds of getting these signs changed to what other states use. "Caution Watch for Bikes", "Share the Road", etc?. Perhaps Bill Richardson would go for this change?

Khal said...

That's a good suggestion. I'll take it to Gail Ryba of the bicycling coalition of NM.