Thursday, July 30, 2009

W. Jemez Crash--Latest, latest update

5th (Latest) update from Monitor Managing Editor Carol Clark. LAPD has wrapped up its investigation and turned it over to the District Attorney for further examination. Check out Carol Clark's site for updates.

From another site, not sure who this person is, but there seems to be an ongoing progress report on the cyclist's recovery here.


Anonymous said...

Why all the secrecy about who was involved? Usually the police, the paper, and everybody else is talking about the parties on a first name basis. Does any one know who the driver and cyclist are?

Anonymous said...

I think quite a few people know, but main question is why the Monitor has not released the names by getting a copy of the police report.

Anonymous said...

It just seems a little strange. These kinds of things are normally included in media reports. Heck, we knew the names and life stories of the victims of the mid air over the Hudson before they were even recovered. Why the secrecy here?