Friday, October 23, 2009

Sweepers, anyone?

This picture of a dysfunctional bike lane is not from Los Alamos, but from Tulsa, OK, with acknowledgments to CycleDog and Ed Wagner. When I break out my digital camera, I'll take some local pictures of problems closer to home.

Having said that, I've seen sections of bike lanes here in Bomb Town that have not seen a broom for a long time. Send your pictures here and we can post 'em.

I am sympathetic to the County because we have a lot of new construction going on and it makes it hell on Tom Roach and his Pavement Div, who are stretched pretty thin. But if our bike lanes are to work reasonably well, we need to keep them free of crud, and that language was included in the 2005 Council action that created our Bicycling Transportation System.

I personally had a bad run in with a motorist who got his knickers in a knot after I moved into a travel lane to avoid a smashed beer bottle in a bike lane. We don't need that sort of bad attitude, or that sort of broken glass.

So to the county, please find time to sweep, esp. on Diamond. To our citizens, please don't use the bike lanes as places to leave junk.

Mahalo nui loa!

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